Steve S., Buyer

“Bettsy runs circles around other agents I’ve worked with.”

Jim F., Seller

"I would recommend you to family or friends because of your willingness to serve your clients needs no matter the inconvenience.”

Robin S. and Laura C., Buyers

“You got us in to a house we’re really excited with. You were very communicative and available.”

Joel and Karina L., Buyers

We chose you “because you did not give up on us… even after 4 + years!”

Joe W., Seller in Boulder Creek

"Since this was my first time being a seller of real estate and under such harsh circumstances I feel very lucky to have met you and have the help from your office.

Looking back I cannot believe that the condo was cleaned inside and out within 2 months and ready for listing. You helped give me a plan and idea of what needed to get done, which helped to set my goals and time line. You even helped pack things off to various charities.

The floor and paint contractors you suggested were inexpensive, on time, and did a great job. He was very fast and extremely inexpensive, he should raise his rates.

Your team was great at holding open houses and tracking down the interested parties. Once the house was listed I was able to concentrate on my own house and situation. During that time I was kept informed about offers, what inspections were needed or completed, and given enough information to understand what was happening."

Bob and Marcia L., Seller

"Dear Bettsy, Thank you so much for everything you did during the sale of the condo.

You are truly a professional. You knew the correct way to handle the technical aspects.
Your ethics re admirable. You always kept the situation on the straight and narrow.
Your guidance was invaluable. You gave us workable options.
Your patience was awesome. You kept cool under pressure.
Your ability to predict was uncanny. You knew the expected reactions.

You truly went “above and beyond” to aid us. You really “held my hand” and encouraged me, making me feel protected during the unsettled situation.

By example you also taught me a valuable life lesson to apply to future situations showing how to stay “tough” and strong yet remain cordial."

Shane and Nancy J., Sellers

“Best on-the-ball Real Estate Agent we ever had – No Bull.”

Kathy D. and Julie H., Buyers

“Prompt return of calls – Listened to what we were interested in.”

Brigid F., Buyer

"I have known the Tylers as neighbors and friends for many years. I knew their knowledge and advice would help us figure out exactly what we were looking for, and that they would make the process of searching for and buying the right house a more enjoyable and less stressful experience. This all proved true!

You listened to our evolving and sometimes conflicting ideas on what we were looking for without judgement, offering helpful questions and advice to clarify our thoughts and understand our needs.

I really liked how the Tyler team worked together offering slightly different perspectives and ideas that helped us evaluate various properties. Some agents can be pushy and not really listen to what you’re saying, but that was definitely not the case with this team. They were always available to meet or answer questions by text, email or phone.

Home buying can be very stressful so finding a flexible team that offered low-pressure support made the entire experience surprisingly easy and actually enjoyable! I looked forward to meeting with Bettsy and/or Maddie on a regular basis and miss them now that we found our home.

Yes, I would definitely recommend the Tyler team to family and friends for an easy and pleasant home buying experience."

Tanya D., Buyer and Seller

"What an amazing adventure this has all been! From selling my mom’s house to this, you taught me so much and have truly been a safety net when I needed it! I’m so grateful."