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Being a REALTOR® takes me into the lives of my clients… and they into mine. It requires establishing a mutual trust and good communication between us. My clients come to know me and as a result, witness my dedication to them. I believe in the importance of being able to listen more and talk less and to promise only what can be delivered.

I developed my work ethic in my teenage years. Navigating the L.A. produce market at o’dark thirty scared the living daylights out of me, but it built character. My father employed his youngest in hopes of building a thick skinned, well rounded daughter. I’m sure he felt that interfacing with people from all walks of life, all nationalities and many different temperaments would be a skill worth honing. Unbeknownst to me at the time, this first employment opportunity probably helped me to sharpen these skills.

Collegiate years took me down the path of science, specifically Geology. Working in a research lab with the U.S.Geological Survey was interesting, to say the least. I soon landed a job in the tech industry which threw me head first into the computer revolution, the early days of Microsoft, Apple and Borland (my alma mater.) Once I found Real Estate as a career, I never looked back. I work better with people than with isotopes, negotiate better with individuals than board rooms and much prefer helping people achieve their goals than selling software to distributors. Technology is a major part of the real estate business and my experience gives me a great platform to work from. I get a chance to work with interesting people, hear their stories, and love helping my clients achieve their dreams.

I have lived in the Santa Cruz area with my family for over 40 years. I developed my real estate expertise in Santa Cruz County and the northern part of Monterey County. I have lived in many of our small towns and cities and this gives me first-hand knowledge of all these areas. I can easily unravel the complexity of rural properties yet also am quite familiar with the ins and outs of our beach communities.

I am a full time REALTOR, abide by the code of ethics of REALTORS, and provide my clients with the kind of service I would expect of others…and then some. I was awarded the REALTOR of the Year Award in 2012 as a reflection of my dedication and service to the Santa Cruz Association of REALTORS and the real estate community as a whole.

Let me help make a plan for you to find the home you’ve always wanted, the investment portfolio you envision or move to a new place with new plans for the future. I look forward to talking with you.