Real Estate November 29, 2023

Supplemental Taxes

The term, supplemental taxes, is confusing. We pay property taxes each month, wouldn’t the supplemental taxes be included in this? No, unfortunately. Supplemental taxes are a single tax on your property when it changes ownership, or has a significant reassessment. It is calculated by taking the difference of the previous appraised value, and the current appraised value. So, if your home was previously appraised at $200,000, you purchase it for $800,000, the difference would be $600,000 and that is what is taxed.

Supplemental taxes never used to be much of a big deal. Houses changed ownership often, and supplemental taxes were minimal. We’re talking, a couple hundred dollars. Now, they are commonly a few thousand dollars. So, what the heck happened?

Well, in this market, a lot of houses being sold are ones that haven’t been sold in a really long time.  

My husband and I recently bought a house, that had always been owned by the original owner. We were told to watch out for supplemental taxes, but of course forgot about them. 6 months later, we receive a tax bill for just under $10,000!

I think the most frustrating part of this tax, besides the hefty bill of course, is that you never know when you are going to receive them! It could be a couple months, the end of the year, or even years later! It’s whenever the county processes them – and each county is different.

So, new buyers out there – watch those tax bills carefully, and budget for your supplemental taxes! Your REALTOR® can help you calculate what to expect. Since experiencing this firsthand I now know to fully caution my clients!